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AIC provides expert advice focused on helping companies grow faster and operate smarter

Executive Advisory

Advising, coaching and mentoring business executives, board of directors and private equity firms

Omnichannel Commerce

Advice for all things ecommerce and omnichannel retail, including B2C, B2B and Marketplaces such as, and

Business Strategy

Strategic guidance to help your business grow faster and operate smarter

Merchandising & Sourcing

Helping businesses source and sell merchandise, including inventory management and fulfillment

Technology Selection

Selection of innovative technologies such as ecommerce platforms and service providers

Business Development

Develop business partnerships, sales strategies and new sales channels to rapidly grow sales

Operational Efficiencies

Helping businesses operate smarter and more efficiently to improve profitability

Marketing Services

Marketing strategies, customer engagement plans and selection of marketing services

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About Us

The AIC Story
Helping Companies Grow Faster and Operate Smarter

All Industry Consulting was founded by Steve Yates, CEO of AIC who developed well-rounded expertise working for multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 retailers such as, Dick’s Sporting Goods and eBay Enterprise. With Steve’s 24 years’ experience in retail management and 17 years' experience in eCommerce, Steve Yates provides companies with strategic advice and innovative solutions. AIC helps companies grow faster, smarter and more profitably by providing advice, mentoring and coaching to today’s busy executives. We provide consulting services that empower businesses with sound advice, technology and innovation in order to stand apart from the ever-increasing competitive landscape. We provide skill sets that help your company grow at a pace that could otherwise not be achieved, while operating with greater efficiency. Whether you need help navigating the difficult landscape of today’s commerce technology solutions, generating a true omnichannel customer experience, or seeking strategic advice, AIC is here to help.

  • AIC provides strong advice to properly guide your strategy

  • AIC helps your team execute with perfection

  • AIC helps your business deliver strong results that are truly sustainable

Leadership Team

AIC's consultants have decades of experience delivering results for companies ranging from start-ups through multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 companies such as, Costco, Dick's Sporting Goods, eBay Enterprise, FootAction, Fossil, Hasbro, JCPenney, Saks, Sears, Staples and UPS.

Steven M. Yates

Steve Yates has held leadership roles at multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 retailers such as Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods and eBay Enterprise. He has 25 years’ experience in retail management and 18 years’ experience in eCommerce. Steve provides strategic advice and innovative solutions.

Alan Royal

Sr. Consultant
As a Fortune 100 Global CIO/COO, Alan has taken on some of the largest global IT and Operations business reinvention projects of the decade. He has also contributed to advances in data analytics via thought leadership speaking events with the likes of Harvard Universities Chief Data Scientist.

Michael Abolafia

Sr. Consultant
Michael Abolafia is a seasoned digital marketing executive with extensive experience spanning multiple industries including automotive, apparel, banking, electronics, general merchandise, gifts, and sporting goods. Most recently Michael led the marketing department for an IR500 retailer.

Sprigley Allan

Sr. Consultant
Sprigley Allan is an experienced digital marketing expert with over 15 years of experience in all things internet marketing. Having owned and worked for companies that did SEO, SMM, SEM and Amazon Marketing he is a dedicated and results-oriented expert in online marketing.

Ric Anderson

Sr. Consultant
Ric Anderson has extensive retail and wholesale merchandising experience, with proven performance operating in high-level roles such as SVP/GMM at Sears, Saks, Harry & David and Fossil. Ric provides strong leadership in merchandising, product development, branding and strategy.

Robert Baron

Sr. Consultant
With Robert’s 28 years of retail and eCommerce experience he has led purchasing teams with Amazon and held key Sales and Marketing positions with top companies such as Epson, Canon, Sega and Hasbro. His long term strategic thinking along with his attention to the granular details has allowed for successful product launches with major E-Commerce players along with traditional retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, MicroCenter, Frys Electronics and OfficeMax.

Paul Becker

Sr. Consultant
With extensive omnichannel experience in leadership roles such as GM, CMO, Department Head and Senior Consultant, Paul has helped companies such as Costco, Hasbro, Spencer’s Gifts, The United States Mint, and private equity firms grow faster and increase efficiencies.

Will Binns

Sr. Consultant
Will Binns has 17 years’ experience in B2C, B2B and omnichannel ecommerce. As a Technical and Solution Architect for retail, consumer goods, hospitality and industrial equipment, Will has designed service architectures to integrate ecommerce platforms to existing enterprise capabilities.

Christine English

Sr. Consultant
Christine English in her 25+ years of experience has led purchasing teams at Amazon, CompUSA, and various startups. Her knowledge of product and business marketing, understanding of marketplace and online sales channels has helped her launch brands, open new sales channels, improve product sales and enter new markets worldwide.

Eric Kauss

Sr. Consultant
The past 30 years Eric Kauss has developed a concise understanding of the retail and wholesale landscape and how it relates to ecommerce, including working for and supplying He’s overseen fulfillment processes for ecommerce partners and distribution into warehouse environments.

Albert LoGiodice

Sr. Consultant
Albert J. LoGiodice is an eCommerce subject matter expert and project manager who has successfully planned, designed, implemented and operated over a dozen websites and digital ecosystems; along with CRM, customer care, operations and marketing capabilities.

Michael Phelan

Sr. Consultant
Michael Phelan has experience in a wide variety of markets and industries, providing him with well-rounded expertise. He has held executive sales and marketing positions at Staples, Physicians Interactive, PlumChoice, HiWired, Student Advantage, Reebok and Polaroid.

Tina White Potter

Sr. Consultant
Dr. Tina White Potter is retail executive who never loses sight of the balance sheet. She has a track record as a strategic leader with the ability to use data to identify opportunities in the business translating the big picture into clear, compelling goals with expected outcome.

Lawrence Chasse

Larry Chasse is a marketing veteran with diverse experience. He’s led teams ranging from start-ups through Fortune 500 companies. He specializes in channel management, helping companies deliver results through strong marketing, analytics, advertising and feed management initiatives.

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